Chatsworth Plaindealer Newspaper

The good news is this newspaper has been digitized and is available from the Chatsworth Township Library.

The bad news is that it is not word searchable. You can only search by date, then scan through all the pages on that date.

One work-around for the lack of ability to word search is to first use a Google search. As an example, let's assume you want to search this newspaper for all articles about Franklin Oliver. Below is how you use the Google search box.

how to search chatsworth plaindealer

This basically tells Google to search for all occurrences of "Franklin Oliver" in this newspaper.

The resultant Google "hits" will direct you to the date edition that mentions Franklin Oliver. You then have to scan every page and column in that edition until you find the article.

Maybe someday someone will upgrade this system to make it word searchable like Newspapers.Com.